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Malas madres | Lives hanging by a string

  • Tabakalera Zentroa, San Sebastian Andre zigarrogileak plaza, 1 20012 San Sebastián, SS Spain (map)

Malas madres / Lives hanging by a string is the first of the artistic interventions that will occupy different spaces at Tabakalera. Conceived by artist Jerónimo Hagerman, this installation is comprised of a framework that catches our eye as soon as we enter through Tabakalera's plaza.

From an anthropocentric perspective, in order to connect ourselves with other living beings, we tend to humanise them, just as occurs when naming pets, fictional characters, or plants. Based on this very human behaviour, the installation's plants are commonly known as 'malas madres' ('bad mothers') in Mexico because they push their sprouts out of the nest, while in Spain these plants are known as 'cintas' ('ribbons'). 

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Source: Tabakalera