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  • Tabakalera Zentroa Andre zigarrogileak plaza, 1 20012 San Sebastián Spain (map)

Cale, cale, cale! Caale!!! questions the place of magic, ritual, the irrational, in relation to nature in terms of what, from the standpoint of Geology was known as the Anthropocene, which could also be defined as the Capitalocene, or, better yet, the Chthulucene 5, as Donna Haraway purports in her edict. The project lays the ground for an environment of collective rehearsal, for choreography with time and space in which ideas and bodies are mixed with desires and contexts, projecting a common force and posing a series of questions. What ways can be opened by paying special attention to these moments if we do away with the old dichotomy between magic and rationality? What type of social and political proposals can emerge when ritual and incantation act together and blur the boundaries between culture and nature? What spaces of resistance for particular modes of life that are tending to disappear in global uniformity or new forms of collectivity, can be opened from here?

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Source: Tabakalera

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Carnival Donostia 2018